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My Link Likes

I really like David LaChapelle’s lighting, his mixture of themes, and the fact that as Picaso said, “Good artist borrow, Great artist steal”, David steals from renaissance artists.

Helmut Newton was a fantasic photography who photographed on location because as he said, “No woman lives in front of a one single colour background, and so the location he used to bring atomsphere into the photography. Like Mr. Newton, I too prefer to shoot on location for the same reasons.

Nuffara is a beautifully renovated farmhouse on the Maltese Island Gozo. For peaceful and a slowed down way of life gozo is a wonderful place to relax, get some sun, eat well, and just enjoy life. Staying in a renovated traditional farmhouse just ask a magic character to your stay.

Henri Cartier Bresson was a renowned street photographer who also photographed famous people as well. Mr. Bresson spoke with the people for about an hour before photographing, then took about 3 photos and had his photo, then afterwards spoke with them for about another hour. He took the time to get know the people and it came through in the work.

A word about Anton Corbijn, the Rock & Roll photographer who changed the game, who gave U2 their look, who has a way of photography that when you see his work you know it is his work.

Millennium Farmhouses are modern farmhouses built in the old Gozoitan way. Confotable and quiet area of Kercem, a small village just a kilometer away from center Victoria/Rabat.